West Loop Trail

Main West Loop Trail in Nambe Badlands, New Mexico
  • Description

    A popular single-track loop that forms the west side of a “figure-8”, with the East Loop Trail being the eastern side.  The east side of this trail, which is oriented north-south, is shared as the west side of the East Loop Trail. Normally the West Loop Trail is ridden counter-clockwise.  The north side of this loop has some challenging hill climbs and offers great views.  The (counter-clockwise) loop finishes by descending west on a ridge and then north on some rollers, dropping into an arroyo, and finally meeting the CR 113 Spur Trail.

  • Distance

    2.1 miles (3.4 km)

  • Elevation Gain/Loss

    +312 ft / – 312 ft

  • Single-track loop

    Normally ridden counter-clockwise

  • Connects With

    County Road 113 Acces Trail

    East Loop Trail

    Arroyo Seco Out-and-Back Single Track

    Mountain Lion Arroyo Trail

    Hiking Trail to Nambe Overlook

  • Single-track


  • Environmental Awareness

    • Traverses cryptobiotic crusts — stay off the cryptobiotic soils.
    • Keep the Single-Track Single!
    • Do not cut or trim pinon and juniper trees
    • Do not create short-cut trails
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