Sombrillo ACEC (West Side of NM 503)

March 26, 2023

  • Trail conditions are good in between storms.  The weather has been erratic lately, ranging from snow/rain to clear and sunny.
  • Please do not ride on trails when they are muddy.  If you are leaving noticeable tracks from your bike or hiking, then it is too muddy to be out there.
  • Daily temperature range (Highs in the low 50’s on sunny days, lows in the teens at night)
  • Please stay on the existing trails; someone with a fat bike has been intentionally riding off the trail, damaging the biotic soil crusts permanently.
  • Heads up:  Thefts of catalytic convertors on CR 113 have started again.  Please report any suspicious activity to the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office.
New illegal mountain bike trail in the Sombrillo ACEC, Nambe Badlands, New Mexico

A new trail was created on the north side of the historic western loop.

New illegal shortcut trail in the Sombrillo ACEC, Nambe Badlands, New Mexico

Another new trail is seen on the left in this photo.  This, and many other shortcut trails, are being illegally created in the Sombrillo ACEC.  Photo taken Dec 13, 2023 (with BLM Taos employees).

Damage to cryptobiotic soil in the Sombrillo ACEC from a motorcycle intentionally riding on these delicate biotic soil crusts.  This photo was taken on February 13, 2023, with Taos BLM Office employees on a trail damage assessment ride.

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