Thank You For Supporting the Friends of the Nambé Badlands

Supporting Members of the Friends of the Nambé Badlands

  • Craig Allen
  • Lee and Candie Borduin*
  • Cori Wright-Deily
  • David Dogruel*
  • Jesse Deubel / New Mexico Wildlife Federation*
  • Jeanne Fair
  • Kristina Fisher
  • Linda Fluk*
  • Fernando Garzon*
  • K Griego*
  • Kent Hootman
  • Gregory Jay*
  • Seva Khalsa
  • David Krogdahl*
  • Sandra Landry
  • Janet Leons
  • Steve Lund
  • Ed MacKerrow*
  • Laura Marsh
  • Wilbur Norman
  • Gustavo Seluja
  • Kathryn Stedham*
  • Barbara Swanson*
  • and anonymous donors

* Contributed an additional donation to the Friends of the Nambé Badlands, thank you!

The financial support we receive from members funds our website, quarterly newsletter, state and federal fees, and resources needed to protect the Nambé Badlands for the enjoyment and scientific research of future generations.

Thank you for volunteering time to help protect the Nambé Badlands!

Volunteers Who Have Helped the Friends of the Nambe Badlands

  • Ruben Acuna
  • Craig Allen
  • Melinda Baker
  • Patti Bear
  • Donna Berg
  • Devin Bent
  • Candie Borduin
  • Lee Borduin
  • David Dogruel
  • Sharon Dogruel
  • Jeanne Fair
  • Linda Fluk
  • Fernando Garzon
  • K Griego
  • Dave Kraig
  • Ed MacKerrow
  • Laura Marsh
  • Barbara Swanson
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