Hiking in the Nambé Badlands

Hiking the Nambé Badlands provides terrific vistas of a unique landscape.  Hikers can access trails from the NM 503 West Trailhead, NM 503 East Trailhead, County Road 113 Trailhead (limited parking), or other entry points along NM 503 (“The High Road to Taos”).

Please stay on existing trails when hiking and avoid walking on cryptobiotic soil crusts or fragile ridgelines.

Bring plenty of drinking water with you.  It is also a good idea to take a GPS reading of where you parked your car in case you get disoriented while hiking.

Rattlesnakes are present in the Nambé Badlands during the warmer months.  Please keep an eye and ear out for them.  When you encounter a rattlesnake, please leave it alone and walk around it at a safe distance (10 feet or more).

A family enjoys a warm winter day hiking on the east of the Nambé Badlands.

Please stay on the trail when hiking.  When you encounter another trail user please avoid damage to the sensitive soil off-trail when passing each other.

Mammatus clouds and a clearing storm in the Nambé Badlands.

Hikers have the right of way on the trail when encountering mountain bikers. Usually, most experienced mountain bikers will politely yield to you and pass you safely on the path. If you encounter rude mountain biker(s), please let us know.

All ages can have fun hiking together in the Nambé Badlands.

Dogs in the Nambé Badlands

Walking your Dog

  1. If you can’t completely control and manage your dog off-leash, keep it on a leash.  Always have a leash with you.
  2. Clean up after your dog. Use a dog poop bag, and take it home to dispose of it, don’t be a “shitbagger” and leave it at the trailhead or on the side of the trail!
  3. If your dog is aggressive with other dogs, please use a leash and muzzle.
  4. Do not let your dog chase wildlife, or livestock, in the Nambé Badlands.
  5. Make sure your dog is current on shots and vaccinations.  Keep a copy of the documentation in your vehicle.
  6. Bring water and a bowl for your dog.  There are no viable water sources for your dog in the Nambe Badlands.
  7. Using a bell on your dog helps alert others of its presence.

The official BLM rules on dogs on BLM lands can be found here.

Many hikers, bikers, and horseback riders enjoy the Nambé Badlands with their dogs.

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