The BLM Land Use Planning Process

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is required by law to follow the laws of the National Environmental Policy Act and the Federal Land Policy and Management Act.

BLM uses Resource Management Plans and Travel Management Plans to abide by these laws.

A BLM Resource Management Plan (RMP) defines the natural, cultural, paleontological, geologic, and scenic resources that require consideration and protection in a particular region.

A BLM Travel Management Plan (TMP) describes how travel routes (trails, roads, paths) will be implemented in a defined Travel Management Area within the RMP in a way that protects the resources as described in the RMP.

BLM Resource Management Plan (RMP)

The BLM’s land-use planning process begins with a formal public scoping process to identify planning issues that should be considered in the land management plan that analyzes the resources that will be affected by the proposed plans. The BLM analyzes these issues and uses them to develop a range of alternative management strategies.

The BLM develops a range of alternative plans in a draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) and draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The release of the draft RMP and draft EIS is followed by a 90-day public comment period. Once comments have been reviewed and evaluated, the BLM revises the draft plan, as appropriate, and then releases a Proposed Resource Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement.

The release of the proposed RMP and final EIS begins a 30-day protest period for any person who previously participated in the planning process and has an interest that is, or may be, adversely affected by the proposed plan. At the same time, the BLM provides the proposed RMP and final EIS to the governors of those states included in the RMP for a 60-day review period to identify any inconsistencies that may exist with state and local plans. After inconsistencies and protests have been considered, the BLM State Director may approve the final RMP.

The Resource Management Plan process is diagrammed below.  Please scroll to the bottom of the figure and set the zoom level to 100% or larger to view. Scroll to move around on the map.  Open up collapsable trees to see the details.

BLM Travel Management Plan (TMP)

When trails, routes, or roads are planned on BLM land a Travel Management Plan (TMP) is required.  Travel Management Plans are BLM’s process to abide by the laws defined in the National Environmental Protection Act.

Travel management plans must analyze the potential impacts from the proposed travel plans (trails, roads, routes).

The details of BLM Travel Management Plan requirements are diagrammed in the interactive graphic below.

Please scroll to the bottom of the graphic and set the zoom level so you can see the details.  Please open up the collapsible links to see the different levels of the treemap.

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