Barrancas del Norte Trail

Trail profile and map of North Cliffs Trail in the Nambe Badlands
  • Description

    A rarely used remote trail that requires access via the wide Arroyo Seco arroyo.   Has nice views of large cliffs towards its end.  Out and back trail that can easily be added to other trails in the vicinity of the Arroyo Seco arroyo.

  • Distance

    0.6 miles (0.9 km)

  • Elevation Gain/Loss

    +142 ft / – 32 ft

  • Out-and-Back

  • Connects With

    The main Arroyo Seco arroyo.

  • Double-track

    Faint double track

  • Environmental Awareness

    • Please stay on the existing two-track trail to protect adjacent native grasses and vegetation
    • Nesting area for birds on the cliffs — please do not disturb them
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