Taos Mountain Bike Association Hosts Huge Group Ride in the Sombrillo ACEC Categories: Taos Mountain Bike Association Timelines: BLM Sombrillo Area of Critical Environmental Concern

Over 100 cars parked at the NM 503 trailhead for coordinated mountain bike blowout in the Sombrillo ACEC.

Mountain bike groups are organizing large-scale rides in the Sombrillo ACEC in an apparent attempt to demonstrate usage to the BLM and influence the Travel Management Plan.  Group rides with these numbers of riders are not usual in the Nambe Badlands, and many of the riders in these recent events had never ridden the area before.  These large group rides have left negative impacts on the Sombrillo ACEC.

Riding in large groups this large does not really give mountain bikers a good reputation. We, the Friends of the Nambé Badlands, are trying to promote responsible mountain biking and demonstrate how mountain bikers can coexist with other trail users while also respecting the fragile landscape of the Nambé Badlands.


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