Santa Fe New Mexican publishes article on the Nambé Badlands

‘Loved to death’: A clash over fragile Northern New Mexico badlands





Friends of Nambé Badlands finds BLM Closed Trail Sign Hidden Under Tree

Friends of Nambé Badlands mountain bikers find BLM Closed Trail Sign that was installed on April 13, 2012, after illegally built trails were officially closed by the BLM Taos Field Office.  The sign was found hidden under a tree, a hundred yards from its initial position.

Friends of Nambé Badlands finds new illegal mountain bike trail on cultural resources in Sombrillo ACEC

New (~2020) illegal mountain bike trail found going over an archeological site in Sombrillo Area of Environmental Concern.

Location and imagery sent via email to BLM Taos Field Office, Attention Chris Anderson BLM Archeologist


Tuff Riders Mountain Bike Club and Nambé / Pojoaque Mountain Bikers Establish MOU with BLM for Trail Maintenance in the Nambé Badlands

TuffRiders and Nambe residents meet with BLM Taos Field Office for trail maintenance MOU





Download 20070618 meeting notes (PDF)



BLM Tami Torres announces closures of unauthorized trails in Sombrillo ACEC


From: Torres, Tami M>

Date: Fri, Mar 23, 2012 at 2:01 PM

Subject: Nambe Badlands Trail

Hi all-

Here is a re-cap and update of items BLM has agreed to move forward with in regards to the unauthorized trail building in association with an ongoing project plan. I also hope to address your questions with this memo and provide alternate dates for volunteers to work with BLM on unauthorized trail closures and signing.  Please download the full email from BLM using this link.  Download 20120323_TamiTorres_Nambe Badlands Trail PDF

Santa Fe Fat Tire Society Announces New Trails Being Developed near Nambé

“New Trails Being Developed in Nambe”



From SFFTS website April 24, 2018.  Captured December 2, 2021.

20180424_Nambe Badlands – Santa Fe Fat Tire Society

Santa Fe Fat Tire Society is Formed

Santa Fe Fat Tire Society is Formed.

“Founded in 2010, the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society was created to help unite the growing mountain bike community. Our mission is to promote, advocate, educate and enjoy what mountain biking has to offer Santa Fe.” —


Friends of Nambé Badlands Does Litter Cleanup of NM 503

11 volunteers:

Dave Kraig, Karen Kraig, Melinda Baker, Ed MacKerrow, Linda Fluk, Fernando Garzon, Barbara Swanson, Dave Dougrel, Sharon Dougrel, Craig Allen, Jeanne Fair

21 large garbage bags of trash and recycling picked up

2 miles of road cleaned


Friends of the Nambé Badlands Shares 2011 Trail Inventory with BLM

Friends of the Nambe Badlands share GIS data on trails existing before 2011 with the BLM Taos Field Office.

BLM Release Alternative A for Sombrillo Travel Management Area

BLM Taos Field Office releases Alternative A for Draft Travel Management Plan that proposes “new” trails, which were actually already constructed by SFFTS and other rogue trail builders.



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