New Illegal Mountain Bike Trail documented in the Sombrillo ACEC Categories: Friends of the Nambé Badlands Communication Timelines: BLM Sombrillo Area of Critical Environmental Concern

A new mountain trail was found on a survey ride with BLM interns on 2/13/2023.  This bike trail heads south from the top of the steepest climb (heading west) on BLM Trail Segment 62 on the “Main West Loop trail.”

A new mountain bike trail was found that travels south from the north end of the Main West Loop. GPS coordinates of starting area are approximately 35.93028, -105.97459.  This new illegal trail heads south from BLM Trail Segment 62, close to where BLM Trail Segment 15P is marked on the BLM Trail Inventory Map.

See the purple dotted line and text for this new illegal trail on the BLM Trail Inventory Map (which does not include this new trail)


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