Communication from Taos BLM Office Regarding Sombrillo ACEC Categories: BLM Communication Timelines: BLM Sombrillo Area of Critical Environmental Concern

The BLM thanks you for your continued interest and patience, in the Sombrillo Travel Management planning process.

The BLM will be working with our partners to put up educational and control signage in the Sombrillo Travel Management area in the next few weeks.

You may also see crews in the area completing Paleontological surveys of the Sombrillo Area of Critical Concern (ACEC). Please be respectful of the work crews, follow any signage that is posted and give the work crews the right-of-way to complete their surveys.

The BLM continues to receive reports of a users yelling or cursing other users. Please remind your friends and family to share the trails and be respectful of each other. A few bad apples from any of the user groups can equate to a negative view of that entire user group.

As a reminder: please remember that no trail work, including the construction of trails, trimming of trees or posting signs is permitted. Any such unapproved on-the-ground work will be investigated by the BLM.

If you wish to forward this e-mail to others who are interested in the Sombrillo Travel Management process, please feel free to do so.

Thank You

Judy Culver (BLM Taos Field Office)

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