Taos Mountain Bike Association organizes another large crowd ride in the Sombrillo ACEC Categories: Taos Mountain Bike Association Timelines: BLM Sombrillo Area of Critical Environmental Concern

Taos Mountain Bike Association organized a second huge group ride in the Sombrillo ACEC, resulting in extensive widening of the single track trails, off-trail riding, and litter (found after this big event, and presumably from riders in this big ride event).






On the left, the trail in the distance is a legacy trail,  BLM trail segment 62, the “West Loop Trail.”  The single-track in the foreground is trail segment 4P, “Razor’s Edge” trail, illegally constructed in 2020.  The trail splitting around the juniper did not exist before the two significant organized mountain bike events on January 16 and January 23, 2022.  This is just one example of how bike riders have recently created new side trails.


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