July 30, 2022: Trash Cleanup Along the High Road to Taos (NM 503)

Part of the Friends of the Nambé Badlands membership that participated in cleaning up NM 503, “The High Road to Taos,” that passes through the 2-mile section of the Nambé Badlands and Sombrillo Area of Critical Environmental Concern shown here from left-right: {Linda Fluk (organizer), Melinda Baker, Laura Marsh, Fernando Garzon, Corinne Karuppan, Muthu Karuppan. (members who helped which are not shown in this photo include Dave Dogruel and Ed MacKerrow)}.  We were able to pick up 18 large bags of trash along this scenic byway.

Eight members of the Friends of the Nambé Badlands picked up 18 large trash bags of litter on NM 503 between mile markers 4-6 on July 30, 2022, between 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM.

We were able to help beautify this scenic stretch of the High Road to Taos.  The rainy weather provided a window to clean up the litter before the afternoon rainstorms started.

Thank you:

  • Linda Fluk (Organizer)
  • Fernando Garzon
  • Melinda Baker
  • Laura Marsh
  • Corinne Karuppan
  • Muthu Karuppan
  • Dave Dogruel
  • Ed MacKerrow

for your dedication and hard work cleaning up this beautiful section of the High Road to Taos!

The majority of trash items were alcoholic beverage containers, with BudLight cans winning again.

We hope this trash cleanup will help keep this scenic byway looking better for a long time!

Linda Fluk, Dave Dogruel, and Melinda Baker after a long morning picking up lots of litter and trash along the High Road to Taos.

Laura Marsha and Linda Fluk getting after the trash along NM 503.

Many bags of trash were collected along the scenic High Road to Taos. Where is the respect for this beautiful land??

Fernando Garzon and Laura Marsh cleaning up the trash and litter along NM 503.

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