November 6, 2021: Trash Cleanup Along the High Road to Taos (NM 503)

Volunteers and Friends of the Nambé Badlands picked up 21 large trash bags of litter between NM 503 mile markers 4-6 on November 6, 2021.   In two hours, with 12 volunteers, we were able to clean up a lot of trash from this section of the scenic High Road to Taos.

Thank you:

  • Linda Fluk (Organizer)
  • Fernando Garzon
  • Melinda Baker
  • Dave Kraig
  • Karen Kraig
  • Craig Allen
  • Jeanne Fair
  • Barbara Swanson
  • Donna Berg
  • Dave Dogruel
  • Sharon Dogruel
  • Ed MacKerrow

for your dedication and hard work cleaning up this beautiful section of the High Road to Taos!

The majority of trash items were “mini-bottles” of alcoholic beverages, BudLight cans, and bottles, and plastic cups. Friends of the Nambé Badlands Board members, Craig Allen and Jeanne Fair, did an interesting analysis and found 3 times as many “mini-bottles” on the east side of NM 503 than the west side.  What does this indicate?

Thankfully the sales of mini bottles in New Mexico have recently been banned.

We hope that this trash cleanup will help keep this scenic byway looking better for a long time!

  • Melinda Baker

    Helping clean up the High Road to Taos

  • Barbara Swanson

    Cleaning up the east side of NM 503

  • Lots of Trash Along the Highway

  • Bud Light "won" the category for the most littered item found

  • Let’s not let BudLight cans be the New Mexico State Flower!

  • Part of the Crew After the Cleanup

    Ed MacKerrow, Fernando Garzon, Linda Flux, Melinda Baker

  • MIle Marker 4 NM 503 Adopt a Highway Sign

  • Sharon Dougrel

    After some amazing cleanup work!

  • Mile marker 6 on NM 503

  • Dave Dougrel

    Showing the size of the huge garbage bags provided by Santa Fe County.

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